LAN/WAN Consultancy

Starting a network from scratch? Not happy with your current network topology? Looking to redesign or experiencing issues that you cannot pinpoint? We are able to offer a consultancy service with a wealth of network knowledge to guide you along the way to a trouble free network blueprint.


Cisco Implementation

Being a Cisco house is not a bad thing! We have experience in router and switch installation, Cisco troubleshooting, config repair and general implementation of Cisco Technologies. We are able to offer you a seamless implementation based around your requirements and budget. Our consultancy service will guide you along the way from purchasing, configuration setup to deployment.



We have experience with most Wireless Vendors products from standalone implementations to enterprise solutions such as Cisco WLSE with Active Directory authentication.  After an initial consultation we can guide you with the best wireless solution to meet your requirements and budget.


Firewall Implementation

The most critical component on your LAN/WAN is your firewall without this you are leaving you network exposed to the outside world. We can custom fit your chosen firewall around your network requirements and build the rules to secure your network and lock down potential holes. Again, our consultancy service will guide you along the way from purchasing recommendations, setup configuration and deployment onto your network.


Network and Server Monitoring

Being proactive to network events and not reactive keeps you ahead of the field and allows you to deal with situations before they can go wrong! Having a tailored monitoring solution in place will allow you to do this, from email, SMS and GUI based alerts we have the technology in place to keep you afloat. Our consultancy service will listen to your requirements and make recommendations based on your budget and guide you along the way.


We are also able to offer a Network Troubleshooting service to help you pinpoint the exact issue on your network and make recommendations to rectify this.


Penetration Testing

Penetration tests can be conducted in several ways. The most common difference is the amount of knowledge of the implementation details of the system being tested that are available to us. Black box testing assumes no prior knowledge of the infrastructure to be tested. We must first determine the location and extent of the systems before commencing their analysis. At the other end of the spectrum, white box testing provides us with complete knowledge of the infrastructure to be tested, often including network diagrams, source code, and IP addressing information. We can carry out internal and external Penetration testing based around your requirements, at the end of the project you will be presented with a detailed report highlighting our intrusion success or failure and recommendations to secure your network.


Please Note:

We are happy to make recommendations based on above and previous experience but we are also happy to go with whatever solution you have in mind. With an initial consultancy we can guide you all the way to offer you a scalable but affordable solution based on your own recommendations. We are familiar with most proven technologies.


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